Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in

Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in

Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in

Are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and looking for a unique collectible to add to your collection? Look no further! Introducing the Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in. This captivating bobble head is a must-have for any Poe enthusiast.

Uniqueness at Its Finest

What sets this bobble head apart from the rest is its attention to detail. The intricate design captures the essence of Edgar Allan Poe, from his iconic mustache to his intense gaze. The bobble head stands at 4 inches tall and is 7 inches wide, making it the perfect size to display on your desk or bookshelf.

A Mesmerizing Addition to Your Collection

Whether you’re a collector or simply a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, this bobble head is a must-have. Its unique design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a mesmerizing addition to any collection. Imagine the conversations it will spark when your friends and family see this captivating piece on display.

Perfect Gift for Poe Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a gift for a Poe enthusiast in your life, look no further. The Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in is the perfect choice. It’s a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, this bobble head is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the bobble head made of durable material?
  2. Yes, the bobble head is made of high-quality, durable material that ensures its longevity.

  3. Can the bobble head be displayed outdoors?
  4. No, it is recommended to display the bobble head indoors to protect it from the elements.

  5. Is the bobble head hand-painted?
  6. Yes, each bobble head is meticulously hand-painted to ensure the highest level of detail.

  7. Does the bobble head come in a gift box?
  8. Yes, the bobble head comes in a beautifully designed gift box, making it ready for gifting.

  9. Is there a warranty for the bobble head?
  10. Yes, there is a one-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.


The Edgar Allan Poe Bobble Head Novelty 4 x 7in is a truly unique and captivating collectible. Its attention to detail, mesmerizing design, and perfect size make it a must-have for any Poe enthusiast. Whether you’re adding it to your own collection or gifting it to someone special, this bobble head is sure to bring joy and intrigue. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind piece!