Little Peanut – The Perfect Lifelike Newborn Baby Girl Doll

Little Peanut – The Perfect Lifelike Newborn Baby Girl Doll

Little Peanut – The Perfect Lifelike Newborn Baby Girl Doll

“Little Peanut” is not just an ordinary baby doll. She is a fully poseable and weighted lifelike newborn baby girl doll that will steal your heart. With her cute handpainted features and hand-applied hair, she looks and feels just like a real baby. Made with RealTouch Vinyl Skin, this baby girl doll is so lifelike that you won’t be able to resist cuddling her.


Realistic Appearance

Every detail of “Little Peanut” has been carefully crafted to make her look as realistic as possible. From her delicate facial features to her tiny fingers and toes, she is a true work of art.

Weighted and Poseable

“Little Peanut” is not just a pretty face. She is also weighted and poseable, allowing you to position her in various lifelike poses. Whether you want to cradle her in your arms or lay her down for a nap, she will always look adorable.

Hand-Applied Hair

One of the most charming features of “Little Peanut” is her hand-applied hair. Each strand has been carefully rooted by hand to give her a realistic and natural look. You can even style her hair to your liking.

RealTouch Vinyl Skin

The RealTouch Vinyl Skin used to create “Little Peanut” is soft and smooth to the touch, just like a real baby’s skin. It adds to the lifelike feel of the doll and makes her even more irresistible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is “Little Peanut” suitable for children?

A: “Little Peanut” is not a toy and is not recommended for children. She is a collectible doll designed for adult collectors.

Q: How big is “Little Peanut”?

A: “Little Peanut” measures 17 inches in length, making her the perfect size to hold and cuddle.

Q: Can I dress “Little Peanut” in real baby clothes?

A: Yes, you can dress “Little Peanut” in real baby clothes. Her size is compatible with most newborn baby clothing.

Q: Can I give “Little Peanut” a bath?

A: No, “Little Peanut” is not designed to be bathed. Water can damage her delicate features and materials.

Order Now and Experience the Joy of Owning a Lifelike Baby Doll

If you’re a doll collector or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of lifelike baby dolls, “Little Peanut” is a must-have addition to your collection. Order now and experience the joy of owning a lifelike baby doll that will bring a smile to your face every time you see her.