Product Description – 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector

Product Description – 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector

Product Description – 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector

Introducing the 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector, a revolutionary product designed to safeguard your hearing in noisy environments. With a noise reduction rating of 17dB, these earcaps provide excellent protection without compromising on comfort.


1. Superior Noise Reduction

The 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector is engineered to reduce noise levels by 17dB, ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for your ears. Whether you are working in a construction site, attending a concert, or operating loud machinery, these earcaps will effectively minimize the impact of loud noises.

2. Comfortable and Secure Fit

Designed with your comfort in mind, these earcaps feature a soft foam material that molds to the shape of your ears, providing a snug and secure fit. The ergonomic design ensures that the earcaps stay in place even during prolonged use, allowing you to focus on your tasks without any distractions.

3. Pack of 10

The 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector comes in a convenient pack of 10, ensuring that you always have a spare pair on hand. Whether you need them for personal use or for your entire team, this pack provides excellent value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can these earcaps be reused?

A: Yes, these earcaps are reusable. Simply clean them with mild soap and water after each use and store them in the provided case for future use.

Q: Are these earcaps suitable for all ear sizes?

A: Yes, the soft foam material of the earcaps allows them to adapt to various ear sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for most individuals.

Q: Can these earcaps be used with other personal protective equipment?

A: Absolutely! These earcaps are designed to be compatible with other personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, helmets, and masks.


The 3M E-A-R EarCap Hearing Protector is the ultimate solution for protecting your ears in noisy environments. With its superior noise reduction, comfortable fit, and convenient pack of 10, these earcaps are a must-have for anyone working or participating in loud activities. Invest in your hearing health today and experience the difference!